Coronavirus update: HV sessions cancelled indefinitely.

I am so sorry but I have been in touch with my insurer and my Personal Liability Insurance will not cover my work/our sessions for the Coronavirus. This means that neither yourself or myself are covered if anyone falls ill due to our sessions.  Sadly the affect of this is that I will have to cancel all HV sessions indefinitely.

In addition this also means that we need to cancel performances with the Folk festival and National Competition as we not covered for those events either.  Both have been notified.

It is extremely disappointing and upsetting and I promise to keep in touch if anything changes.

I know that for some of our members this change might be very distressing.  Please know that this is not the fault of anyone particular or due to anyone’s illness. This cancellation is a way to protect and take care of each other.  

I look forward to the near future when we can meet up again. Till then please take care of yourself and each other and follow government advice on how to keep safe.

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