Who we are

We are a non-auditioning community choir based in Oxford and the first sign signing choir in Oxfordshire.

We work to be as inclusive as possible and invite anyone who is Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing, mixed SEN and members of the LGBTQI community.  Our remit is to express ourselves in a single voice bringing the joy of music to both hearing and D/deaf by adding the beauty of British Sign Language (BSL) to the songs that we “sing”.

BSL is the officially recognised language of the Deaf community in the UK.

We have 3 main goals to achieve this vision:

  1. To share the beauty and wonder of music to those who may hear differently.
  2. To bring the beauty and wonder of British Sign Language to those who may not have any experience with it
  3. To improve equality, access, voice  and awareness to all

Our songs are translated by our leader, Christine DeBlase who takes each song line by line and teaches us the signs and grammar of BSL (which is very different to English). When the signs and music are put together it is very special and feels magical.

We are excited to welcome new members throughout the year, so please get in touch using the contact form or on Facebook if you want more information.  We are also available to booking for communication support and can offer bespoke performances and workshops at your event, school or workplace.

Interested to see us in action? Why not come to one of our performances or watch our videos online?