Testimonial from our own Jo Lamb


As we have started a new term, I have asked our members if they wanted to write about their experiences with Handy Voices. This entry is from our own Jo Lamb who has been part of the team since  2017.  Jo has overcome some incredible obstacles over the past few years and recently has handed her Masters! We are so proud of her and her achievements. Here is what she has said about HV.


Photo Credit: Agata Urbiniak

I started at Handy Voices in January 2017. I had seen a post on Facebook about recruiting new members and was just recovering from an operation, so was looking for something to occupy some time and keep me busy. Unfortunately, I only attended one session originally and then had to have a bit of a break whilst I got my head around the cancer diagnosis that came from the result of the operation!  But when I did go back a month later I was immediately welcomed again with open arms and caring words. I felt a part of the group from the start and all the members were so supportive, especially whilst I finished off my treatment.
During my time in the group, as well as performing at various festivals and special events, I have competed in Jersey in their Signing Choir competition where I was pleased to receive a silver award for my first solo.
I have also helped out as a volunteer for the Youth Handy Voices group and accompanied them to the Royal Albert Hall last year to be part of the Oxfordshire County Music Service Buddy Ensemble which was repeated at Blenheim Palace in June 2019.
The best thing about Handy Voices is that it is always more than just a Choir group. We listen to each other’s problems. We celebrate each other’s achievements. We mourn each other’s losses. We are a family.
I will be forever grateful for finding this special group at just the right time in my life.


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