Exciting News! Let’s Cheer her on!!

Handy Voices Leader Christine DeBlase to compete at the Jersey Eisteddfod

We are very excited to announce that the choir leader to Handy Voices will be competing at this year’s Sign Singing competition at the Jersey Eisteddfod on 7 November 2015. This evening of sign singing competition is the biggest night in the social calendar in the year for the the Jersey Deaf community. It is an incredible opportunity to raise Deaf awareness as well as to network with other Signing Choirs around England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands.   More information about the event is available on the Jersey Eisteddfod website.

Christine will be performing/competing in two categories; Solo and a Trio.  The solo song is “Rabbit Heat” by Florence and the Machine and the trio ( which will be performed with her daughter and husband ) is Feelin’ Good by Nina Simone.

We wish her the best of luck on the night and can’t wait to see the photos and any videos!! Go Christine!

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